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With differentiated interest rates and more flexible payment terms, it could be the solution to what you were looking for. Learn how to secure your paycheck-deductible loan with no hassle.

Payroll deductible credit was created to make life easier for those who need quick cash. This type of personal loan has lower interest rates, fixed installments and practicality at the time of payment.

Banco do Brasil (BB) has several products in its line of credit. At any time a loan can be requested by account holders and non-account holders . The hiring is fast, easy and safe and can already be performed 100% online.

So, do you want to find out how to apply for a payroll deductible credit at Banco do Brasil ? Take all your doubts and do a simulation online right now.

How does Payroll Credit work?

Banco do Brasil offers several types of loans, including payroll deduction.

This credit is what has its payment installments directly discounted from the customer’s paycheck .

That is, every month, before receiving the salary or benefit, the consumer already removes his installment of paycheck credit. The discount is made automatically, without the need to pay tickets.

This process, called a consignment, is carried out by the paying source that retains and transfers the amount owed to the contracted bank. Therefore, any payroll loan can only be contracted if the company has an agreement with the financial institution.

Banco do Brasil analyzes the assignable margin, age, agreement and other basic data of the interested party to release the credit. The amounts released and the term for payment depend on the type of agreement.

After the contract is signed , the money is released to the account indicated quickly. The time between the simulation of the payroll loan at Banco do Brasil and the release of money into account in less than 24 hours.

Banco do Brasil’s payroll loan interest rates are fixed, but vary according to the type of agreement, compare:

  • Beneficiaries of INSS : 2.03% per month, 27.22% per year;
  • Public Servants : 1.93% per month, 25.37% per year;
  • Employees of private companies : 2.35% per month, 32.13% per year.

To hire the payroll loan, therefore, you must be in one of the eligible groups and have available assignable margins . Find out now who can hire the payroll deductible.

Who can borrow a discount sheet?

cash,discount sheet

Banco do Brasil payroll deductible loans are available to both clients and non-customers. So, even if you do not have an account or have not contracted with the bank, you can request a new line of credit.

In this way any interested party that has a credit limit available at Banco do Brasil can request, as long as they obey two basic rules:

  • To receive salary or benefit in a company or public agency that is contracted with the payroll deduction from Banco do Brasil;
  • Possible disposable margin.

In summary, the credit is available for Retirees or Pensioners of the INSS , Public Servants and Employees of private companies.

To find out if a company is contracted, it is recommended that the client talk to the Human Resources department where he works.

Margin assignable


The allowable margin is the amount of rent that each borrower has available to commit to payroll deductible loans.

Thus, up to 35% of the salary or benefit can be spent on repaying loans. Of this amount, 5% can only be spent with payroll deductible credit cards .

Payroll Loan for Retirees and Pensioners


Banco do Brasil also provides exclusive loan lines for retirees and pensioners of the INSS. The INSS Payroll Loan or Benefit Credit can be contracted in up to 72 months in fixed installments.

For the Benefit Credit you must have an active account with BB.

Payroll Loan Bank of Brazil for Public Servants


Federal, State and Municipal public servants may contract the payroll deductible loan with a discount from Banco do Brasil .

A limit is already pre-approved and there are some unique conditions. BB account holders can request the loan quickly through the bank’s website.

The assignable margin will determine the amount released for the monthly installments. The payment term can be up to 96 months, or eight years.

The debit is automatic, before the client receives his salary or benefit.

Interest rates are lower than other personal loan lines, for example.

It is important to note that the longer the payment term, the more interest the customer has to pay. An advantage of Banco do Brasil is that the first installment of payment of the loan can be paid in up to 180 days.

Federal Public Server Payroll Loan

The SIAPE payroll loan is offered to civilian and military servicemen , active and inactive who are between the ages of 21 and 80.

The limit of value released depends on the agreement agreed between the paying source and the Bank of Brazil and the assignable margin.

The loan can be repaid in up to 96 months. In order for the contract to be effective, it is necessary for Server to issue Consignee Authorization through SIGEPE, formerly SIAPEnet.

Payroll Loan for State Public Servants

The payroll loan for State Public Servants can be contracted with Banco do Brasil , with the same ease. It is intended for active servers, retirees and pensioners.

BB Credit Consignment brings special conditions to Public Officials, without the need to open account. The parcels are also automatically cleared by means of a discount sheet.

This credit follows state laws, which are similar to those of the federal covenant. Until the payment deadline is equal: 96 months.

Payroll Loan for Municipal Public Servants

Payroll Loan and quick cash

In this case, payroll deduction will depend on municipal agreements.

It is interesting that the server that wants to request the loan consult your agency to check the available conditions.

Find out now what is needed to contract the payroll loan with Banco do Brasil.

What do I need to hire?

In order for the payroll deductible loan to be disbursed, the customer must receive through a paying source contracted to Banco do Brasil.

In addition, it is also necessary that the interested party has consumable available margin, as well as limit accessible in BB.

The basic documents required are: RG, CPF, proof of recent residence and proof of payment updated.

They are valid as proof of payment of payslips, paycheck or INSS benefit statement.

The Public Servants must also provide Consignee Authorization on behalf of Banco do Brasil.

How to apply for the Consigned Loan?


The Banco do Brasil payroll loan can be done in the branches or online (through the website or through a mobile application).

If you prefer, you can request a Call Center, a bank branch, the self-service terminals or authorized bank correspondent stores.

To facilitate it, it is also possible to carry out online credit simulations.

Simulation of Payroll Loan


Bxblue has an exclusive partnership with Banco do Brasil. With the launch of an API, BB account holders can contract credit, authorize and receive the money in a few minutes.

This is more practical, convenience and safety throughout the process.

Now that you know how payroll deductible credit works at Banco do Brasil, take advantage of it to make your payroll loan simulation online.


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